We love to cook the foods that you love.  We go the extra mile with you to figure out exactly what your tastes are.  Once we know what you like, we prepare samples until you choose the food that you love and want your guests to experience. Then we make as much as you want, to serve as many people as you invite.  So whether its just you, or your entire party, we make your dining event extraordinary.

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 We are Robert Stone and Cynthia Kinsey.  


Before we married, we dated in the kitchen. Our favorite date was, and still is, going to a grocery store, finding special ingredients to create an amazing meal, pairing it with an excellent wine, and coming home to cook.  We sometimes go as far as Fort Worth to do the shopping.  Once the meal is prepared, we sit at the table to enjoy each other's company and a very special meal. 

We love to cook foods that we create or redesign.  We also love sharing those foods with special people.  We tell, and retell special stories that began as part of friends eating at our table. Today, we have made so many new friends through our dining opportunities.  Our food becomes the means of doing something we love, channeling our shared creativity, and meeting old and making new friends.  


About Our Business

At Sandstone Fine Foods, we pride ourselves on Customer Care and Service.  To that end, we don't have set menus. We prefer to get to know you and create a menu that not only meets your needs, but compliments your event. From Asian to French; from Santa Fe Style Mexican to Southern Comfort, you tell us and we will cook what you love. 

A $100 deposit (non-refundable) is all we require to hold the date for you.

Call us and let's have a conversation, after which we will develop and present you with a proposal including one to three options.  If you still can't decide, we will also offer you the option of a sample tasting of 2 entrees or 3 appetizers from our proposal for $15.00 per person.  (If you sign a contract of $1000 or more with us at the tasting, two tastings are free.  If you sign a contract later of $1000 or more, the two tastings will be credited to your final bill.)  

Then you leave the work to us and enjoy being a guest at your own event.